Butzbach / Industrial Doors

With a self developed manufacturing technique Butzbach Manufacture twin walled door panels made from glass reinforced polyester. Lightweight yet extremely strong, they are resistant to impact and extreme weather conditions. The twin walled panels permit to manufacture fiberglas stacking doors with widths of up to 15 m and at heights of up to 25 m.

  • Approximately 78% translucent
  • Resistant to sound and heat. High strenght with low weight
  • Minimum space requirements for all sizes
  • Patented technique and confirmed safety
  • Electrical or manual operating
  • Fiberglass HT type Stacking Doors Technique


  • Max. Opening Speed: 20 cm/s
  • Translucency: ca. 70-74%
  • Max. Closing Speed: 20 cm/s
  • Max. Width Of Door(Required): 15.000 mm
  • Thickness Of Door: 40mm/60 mm/90 mm/150 mm
  • Max. Height Of Door(Required): 25.000 mm
  • Customized door solution are avaible.
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